Jennifer’s first introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) was sophomore year in High School. Her senior year she and a team of peers went down to the Philippines and held bible school for the deaf orphans. As one of the interpreters Jennifer had the greatest opportunity of being with deaf children.  She knew from then on that was her passion; working with children and the deaf culture. After she graduated from high school she went on to Seattle Central Community College and qualified for their level 4 sign language class. She was amazed that after only 2 years of taking ASL in high school she was accepted into such a high level.

Jennifer’s passion for children and the deaf culture have continued. She has been a nanny for over 4 years, and teaches the children she nannies ASL. Anyone who knows Jennifer can tell you just how much sign language is a part of her. She is constantly finger spelling without even knowing. When someone asks her to spell a word she fingerspells it first to double check. She has always been a hands on learner and having the tools of sign language has really helped her excel in anything she does.

Jennifer is looking forward to teaching parents all about the excitement and joy of signing with children. Jennifer is married to her husband Linc and is excited for a child on the way!

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